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  • Are you interested in free advice on education and children’s services?
  • Would it help to work with a consultant – but think it’s too expensive?

Free of Charge

  • We provide free consultation on all education matters; public services; child protection; change management; pyschology; children’s services, special needs provision & leadership.

Welcome to mckenzie uk consultancy

mckenzie uk consultancy is a not-for-profit company which delivers genuine, pro-bono support for charities, voluntary groups and others. We help organisations involved in children’s services to meet their challenges and to develop.. Consultancy is free for all children’s service matters. Advice is tailored to meet client needs and support is provided by specialist consultants. The only cost is actual expenses incurred by the consultants.

The consultancy reflects engagement in the ‘Big Society,’ with colleagues committed to giving time to support those, who themselves, provide voluntary and charity activity.

The consultants who work with the company are all experienced educators, trainers or advisers. All have an interest in supporting not-for-profit organisations and are experienced at engaging with leaders and managers and with front line staff too at all levels within organizations.

Those who support young people and their families, may be, for example, part of a national charity group, a small group such as a group of churches or work with a large uniformed organization. Our consultancy support is aimed at anyone or group who provides nor-for-profit services.

The team of consultants has very many years experience in public services. We are aware of the need for value for money, of assessing impact and outcomes, and of making a real difference to those you provide for. The consultants have worked at a very senior level in a range of local authority services, as well as working with those who deliver services face to face with clients.

The skills set of the mckenzie uk consultancy team includes;

  • advice
  • training
  • self evaluation in all education matters
  • children’s services
  • quality assurance
  • child protection processes
  • advice on psychological processes
  • leadership
  • learning and teaching
  • public service review

We are a limited company registered with Companies House.

Use our consultancy to develop and improve

The consultancy can provide input from individual consultants or any combination of consultants. We can engage with staff at all levels in your organisation, lead on work-streams or support funding applications and meetings. We can facilitate, direct and support self-evaluation and review of practice. This can help organizations to improve from within. We can help plan for and manage change.

We will bring our experience to your organisation or group, to help focus on the type of input that may be best for you. We will plan with you, the work that you want, the timescales and discuss what outcomes you are looking for. Input can be in a block of time or a series of inputs. The team may be one single consultant or several working together. There is no cost irrespective of how we are involved.

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Case Studies

  • Awards
    One of our consultants has a successful track record of working with schools and early years establishments in the preparation of their bids for national awards.
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Children’s Services

Child Protection

Child Protection: Advice and training on child protection prcesses.

Children's Services

Children's Services: Consultants with backgrounds in child education and care.



Individual consultants or a team of consultants can help you develop and implement solid strategies for service delivery.

QA & Leadership

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance: Planning service delivery metrics.


Leadership: Managementt consultancy from senior professionals.